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Welcome to our exploration of the mystical blue light phenomenon, with a special focus on Algeria, as revealed by Nancy Rebecca in her YouTube video that you can watch here. In this series, we’re archiving the fascinating details shared by Nancy, a retired nurse with a profound gift for clairvoyance, who has spent years communicating […]

Distance Energetic Healing: How it Works and Its Benefits Distance energetic healing, also known as remote or absent healing, is a powerful and effective technique that allows energy healers to provide healing to clients who are not physically present. This type of healing works on the principle that energy is not bound by time or […]

Distance Energy Healing

The body code is an energy healing system designed to help identify and release imbalances in the body. This powerful technique combines the principles of quantum physics, traditional Chinese medicine, and other healing modalities to provide a holistic approach to healing. At its core, the body code is based on the idea that the body […]

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The Emotion Code: A Guide to Emotional Healing The Emotion Code is a method of energy healing that aims to identify and release trapped emotions, which are thought to be the root cause of physical and emotional imbalances. The concept behind the Emotion Code is the simple premise that emotions are a form of energy […]

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